Starbucks gift card balance check

How to check  Starbucks gift card balance online?

If you make a purchase using the Starbucks Card when you purchase something from us, we'll give you a receipt in the event that you ask for one. The receipt will show that you made the purchase with the Starbucks Card and also give the balance remaining on the Starbucks Card. Make sure to check your online Transaction log regularly to confirm you have the correct Transaction information and balance are accurate.

How to check balance on a Starbucks gift card?

For checking the balance of you Starbucks gift card try any of the following ways:


 Go to the Starbucks website, and then navigate through the "Check Balance" page. Input your gift card's number along with your security code (PIN Number) for a view of the balance.

Starbucks mobile App: 

In case you're using the Starbucks mobile application installed on your mobile device it is easy to verify the balance of your gift card when you log into your account and clicking on "Cards" under the "Cards" tab. Your balance is visible in the app.


You are able to verify the balance of your gift card when you visit any Starbucks branch and requesting a barista look it up for you. They'll be able to scan your credit card and supply the current balance.

What is the 1-800-Starbucks number?

The Starbucks customer service hotline can be reached at (800) 782-7282. Whether you need assistance with your Starbucks gift card, have a question about their products, or require support with any other matter related to Starbucks, this number is your direct line to their customer service team.

Fees and Expiration of  Starbucks Card Balances

There are no activation, maintenance, or inactivity charges to the use of your Starbucks Card. The Starbucks Card does not have an expiration date, nor does the amount in the Starbucks Card never expire.

Where is the code on a Starbucks gift card?

Along with the necessary personal details, you'll require the card's 16-digit code and the CSC (Card Security Code) that is an eight-digit code you can find beneath the scratch-off layer on the reverse of the card.

Does Starbucks gift card expire?

The Starbucks Card will never expire if you continue to use your card and you have loads available. The only cards that have zero activity or load expire within three (3) years after the previous purchase.

Receipts and Transaction History

When you purchase with the Starbucks Card We will issue a receipt when you ask for one. It will state the transaction was completed by using an Starbucks Card and show the remaining balance on the Starbucks Card. Check your online Transaction record regularly to confirm you are in the right Transaction record and balance are accurate. You can check the balance of your Starbucks Card at and review recent Transactions on your Starbucks Card at The balance of your account for the Starbucks Card can also be seen on your receipt at the point of sale cash register. We do not provide you with reports of your activity with the Starbucks Card.

Use of Starbucks Cards by Businesses

There are specific rules and regulations regarding the usage of Starbucks Cards for businesses, like the ban on selling Starbucks Cards as well as the use of Starbucks Cards to reach out to prospective customers. Please see the details on our business-to-business site at

Billing Errors, Corrections

We'll correct the balance on your Starbucks Card If we think there was a billing, clerical or accounting mistake was made. If you have any questions about the details of your Transaction record or the correction you made or correction, or you want to contest the validity of any Transaction or change that was applied to the balance of your Starbucks Card, please call Customer Service by calling 1-800-STARBUC. If you are able to provide the required information and information, we'll review your request and let you know the details we discover. If we find any errors, we will rectify them quickly after the review. If we don't detect any mistakes We will provide the details of what we discovered. There is no obligation on us to rectify or revise any billing errors until you give us enough information to allow us to examine your request in 60 (60) days from your date for the Transaction that is in dispute.